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Specialized Asphalt & Patchwork Repair Services

Don't let a crack threaten the beauty and safety of your property. Call REIA Construction of Salem, Oregon, for affordable asphalt paving, striping and patchwork services.

Parking Lot - Concrete Repair


  • Excavation
  • New Drive Installation
  • Aphalt Paving
  • Resurfacing
  • Patchwork
  • Crack Sealing
  • Seal Coating
  • Striping
  • Demolation work
  • Grading
  • Hauling
  • Dump Truck Services
  • Drainage
  • Tree Removal


Seal Coating

Seal coating can save real dollars for pavement owners. Unsealed pavements will require repairs starting within the second year and could require a one-inch overlay as often as every seven years. Cost savings will be a substantial 65% if the pavement is maintained regularly. Estimated savings for a 10,000-square yard asphalt pavement are $127,000 over 15 years.” – National Pavement Contactors Association


Crack Sealing

Crack repair is an integral part of a long-term asphalt maintenance program. A crack allows moisture and oil to get under asphalt layers, undermining the integrity of your entire structure. If you see a crack, call us immediately. It is imperative that all cracks are cleaned and sealed as quickly as possible. We also repair cracks between sealcoating sessions.



Areas that have significant cracking and/or uneven surface due to subgrade failure must be removed and replaced to keep the effected area from spreading. This method of repair is the most permanent, aesthetically pleasing type of patching, but it can be more expensive. The failed asphalt area will be sawcut and existing asphalt removed. Roadbase will re-compacted (added if needed) and a tack coat applied to the asphalt edge for bonding. New asphalt will be placed and compacted.


Skin Patching

Skin patching attempts to bridge over defects by adding a thin layer of compacted asphalt to the problem area. This application is typically used to repair potholes and settled areas around manholes or catch basins. It is considered a temporary (1-3 year), inexpensive fix. Skin patches will alter the smoothness of your asphalt.
The failed asphalt area will be cleaned of all loose debris. A tack coat will be applied to the existing asphalt for bonding. New asphalt will be placed and compacted

Graphics & Striping


A parking lot is often the first thing noticed by customers, clients, and visitors. A newly striped lot looks sharp. It projects an image of what you might find inside. Striping is a very cheap way of improving the look of your asphalt. If you need help improving the look or the flow of traffic on your parking lot, give us a call.

From parking lines to handicap markings, we paint clear, vivid graphics on your hardscapes that will last for years. Choose from a wide variety of quality stencils.



The life span of your asphalt road, parking lot, or driveway will largely depend on the support structure placed below the surface. Similar to the human body, if you don’t take care of the inside, eventually it will reflect on the outside. It is the same with asphalt pavement.There are two main factors that will make the difference between a quality, long lasting asphalt paving project and one that will only last a year or two.

First, is the quality of your aggregate base material commonly referred to as “roadbase”. Roadbase is a blend of different sizes of aggregate specifically designed to support asphalt pavement. It is easy to compact and doesn’t contain any clay or organic matter. Clay, when mixed with water will expand and contract through the freeze/thaw cycle of winter and will break up the asphalt. Organic matter can either deteriorate and cause air voids in the base making your asphalt settle or it can actually sprout weeds that will break through and destroy your asphalt. Many customers/contractors try to cut corners and save money by using a base material other than roadbase. Using something other than roadbase is like putting your money in the garbage.

The second factor is how well water drains from your asphalt surface. This is referred to as “grading”. If water doesn’t properly drain from the surface of your asphalt, it will eventually penetrate the asphalt and oversaturate the base material turning it into mud. In this state, the base material will not support the asphalt above. As cars drive over these saturated areas, the asphalt will break and will continue breaking until the problem is fixed. During the winter, these saturated areas will freeze/thaw making the problem worse. Making sure that your asphalt project is properly graded will save money in asphalt maintenance down the road.


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